Atlas of the Stars: Antares (June's Star Song of the Month)

I love studying constellations and star maps, hence this side project that is made of magical, ethereal vocals floating over a landscape of sparkling, all-encompassing sound. June is the month in the northern hemisphere when we see the constellation Scorpio glowing all night long, with the red glowing Antares leading the way. Antares is the 15th brightest star in the night sky usually, and is more than 700 times the size of our own sun! 

It might be just the right music to set the soundscape for midnight stargazing surrounded by silence and maybe some cricket friends. If you're a fan of ancient libraries, legends, strange birds with cryptic messages, and lands far beyond this mundane world, this is the soundtrack for your next book! 

You can find Atlas of the Stars and this track on all streaming platforms and music stores, just click here

Or even better, watch the rising star visualizer I made- warning - I had some trouble watching it myself full screen as it felt accidentally very hypnotic? Watch at your own risk haha. 


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